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4.-10.9.2017, in the DOME at Alcalali

panta rhei

Rough Dates:

- 4th to 10th of September (5 FULL DAYS)

- 695€

- Location: Dome, Alcalali

- Pay Deposit of 150€

See more Details below.

Contact me!



The idea behind this workshop is that many people in our current society suffer from stress, everybody for individual reasons and on individual levels. This not only leads to physical, mental and emotional problems up to real health issues of that very person like headaches, tensions that we feel as various forms of pain in the body, intestinal problems (e.g. intolerances to lactose or gluten), heart problems, menstruation issues and many other symptoms. It also may lead to interpersonal problems – having difficulties to interconnect with other people, to be compassionate, to be loving and empathic, to allow every person to go the very own and individual path.

At one point we reach a level of discomfort where we realize that we cannot follow this rhythm anymore. This might bring you to this seminar.


The goal of this workshop on the one hand is to learn about psycho-educational backgrounds to understand and so be able to deal with your own personal stress. You will learn about the science of stress and how to discover your attitudes towards stressful moments based on a program called STRAIMY (Stress reduction training with Yoga elements) developed by a doctor of psychology in Leipzig (Zentrum für Bildungsgesundheit) in order to help establishing a system of relaxed education that not only helps the children in every aspect of learning but also the teachers to keep their spirits and energy for their work high and not burning out.

On the other hand the workshop will help you feeling (again) the sensation of having a relaxed body and mind and being connected with yourself based on Hatha Yoga (including postures, respiration and relaxation), acoustic work (acoustic soul massages and self-treatment protocols) and nutrition (based on various ideas especially the Chinese Medicine background where nutrition is one of the main columns of self-treatment). Through hands-on-training you will learn remedies to use day-by-day that will help you relax short-middle-longterm and regain and so build up your center and power.


This workshop is meant for everybody who reached a point where an impulse from outside may help to release stress and connect ones more with your true self through a combination of mental work up to understanding your own personality better and learning different techniques that will help you relax – and if you just take 10 minutes per day.

This workshop is for:

  • open people
  • atheists as well as religious people
  • vegans and vegetarians as well as meat eaters
  • business men/women as well as gardeners, teachers, artists, house workers or whatever you are spending your daily energy into
  • scientists as well as spiritual persons or something inbetween.



  • ACCOMMODATION will be at The Dome Center of Alcalali (Alicante, Spain). The DOME is a really special place constructed especially for the work of sound and it is the perfect place for this seminar.

    We will sleep in rooms for 2 or 4, and in two wooden cabins for up to 4 people. For this course we will not have more than 3
    people per room. That is why the amount of possible participants is reduced. (12 to max 16 people).

    If you require a single room there are 2 Rural B & Bs in Alcalali that you can book at an additional cost and needs to be arranged separately. If you need more information please contact me.

  • FOOD: Great cooks will prepare for us vegetarian food based on biological and seasonal products as regional as possible.

    They know a lot about the energy of the food itself but also of the cooking process and so it will help us to do our work in the seminar and relax even more while eating.

    If you have any special needs please tell us - they can easily be arranged with the cooks and if we know beforehand even easier. :-) There might be an additional cost of 5€/day if the needs are really different to the food they prepare for the group.

    Included in the price are: Breakfast, warm lunch and dinner, 2 tea breaks and something sweet in the afternoon to relax our souls towards the evening.


  • The workshop will take place between 4th and 10th of September 2017 - 5 full days of seminar, 6 nights (arriving in the afternoon/evening of the 4th and leaving after breakfast on the 10th - including one extra dinner and one extra breakfast)

  • The price of the workshop is 695€, including accommodation and food (breakfast, 2 warm meals + 2 tea breaks), excluding travel cost.

  • Reserve your place by paying a deposit of 150€ and pay the rest 4 weeks in advance of the seminar.

    Contact me for details on bank transfer and also to pass me your contact details:


The course language will depend a little on the people coming.

Base language will probably be English.
But we both speak German perfectly :-) and I speak as well Spanish if that is necessary.



ALICANTE (ALC) is the closest airport, 1 hour by car (that you can easily rent at the airport - even easier arranged when booking your flight as September may still be more crowded), a little longer by bus.

And there is a Tourist Shuttle going directly to the village of ALCALALI where the Dome is located.
CONTACT THE SHUTTLE BUS COMPANY DIRECTLY by clicking on the following link once you have your FLIGHT NUMBER: http:// www.beniconnect.com .

Prices are around €25 euros each way from the Airport to Alcalalí. The DROP-OFF is outside of the Restaurant Castellvi, some 10 minutes walk from the Dome. If it is needed we can arrange a pick-up from the bus station if we know in advance.

VALENCIA (VLC) is 20 minutes further away by car - so if you rent it is not much of a difference, however public transport will involve a combination of metro (underground), train and bus, or a private taxi service.

Maybe you can even arrange some lifts inbetween the people joining the course.


Ivonne Pannier, 0034-694430158, kontakt[at]qi-balancing.com, www.qi-balancing.com.

Thomas Brandtstaetter, thomas.brandtstaetter[at]googlemail.com.