»The incomprehensible is revealing itself in letting loose not gripping onto something.«


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Name: Ivonne Pannier
Born: 1978
Diploma en commercial information technology (BA)
IT Specialist and Project Manager at IBM in international projects (England, US, France, Belarus, Netherlands) (1997-2008)
Jacobspath 2005, 2006, 2009 and 2011
Traditional healer - "Heilpraktiker" (since May 2009)
3-years training in Traditional Chinese Medicine (2008-2011, Ausbildungszentrum Mitte, linked to the association AGTCM e.V.)
Yoga teacher training at Yoga Vidya (www.yoga-vidya.de)
Training for massage therapy (2008, Paracelsusschule Stuttgart)
Sabbatical working with disabled people (2006-2007, Melchiorsgrund)
Advanced trainings:
     STRAIMY (Stress Reduction Training with Yoga elements)
     Hormonal Yoga (based on Dinah Rodrigues)
    Sound Therapy (Education through HarmonicSounds)


ivonne pannier

First working in the sector of Business Informatics and now being a naturopath - how does that fit together?

One of my favourite books is "The alchemist" from Paulo Coelho. It says that everyone of us has its own personal path in life. Sometimes it seems to be twisted and one may reach borders that make a change in life necessary.

For me in the truest sense of the word it was the way of the water that initiated a new direction in my life - the bursting of a water pipe in the house where I was living by that time. Following this I walked my 1st Jacbospath and had the chance to do a Sabbatical in which I was happy to get an introduction lecture into Chinese Medicine in the ABZ Mitte (a cooperation school of the association AGTCM e.V.) - I was truely fascinated by the eastern philosophy and the idea behind treating - a doctor/naturopath is rather acting like a gardener, just giving impulses to the system of the client to help the clients microcosm to heal itself.

Sometimes following the path of your heart may be more stony but I never regretted the step away from a "pseudo-secure" job into my current work full of compassion and love.

The great variety of people I had the luck to meet since my change and the possibility of looking beind the curtains is a great honour and enrichment for me every day.