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Yoga can mean different things - the most common translation is "unity" and "harmony" but it also can be translated as "to harness" in the meaning of "to harness your thoughts and so be in the present moment". Yoga is an old practice from India that helps to balance body, mind and soul.

Besides the physical part of the postures Yoga provides several techniques that help us be in the present moment and let go our thoughts and stress for a moment. Through postures, respiration and relaxation our body is stretched and strengthened and every time you are able to feel your body better - being more flexible, with more energy and more and more relaxed. This attitude bit by bit will jump over into daily life - maybe reacting more relaxed in situation that beforehand were really stressful.

The background of my Yoga studies is especially the tradition of Swami Sivananda, a really successful doctor (http://www.yoga-vidya.de/de/yogi/sivananda.html), who built up an ashram in Risikesh (India) and translated a lot of books from Sanskrit into English. This is one reason why Yoga could be spread out into the western world.

I also did continuing education in the sector of HORMONAL YOGA based on Dinah Rodrigues which is especially meant for women whom for whatever reason have hormonal imbalances - maybe they are reaching their menopause or having problems throughout the menstruation cycle. It may even help when you want to have children.

I also incorporate some elements from QiGong and Taiji into my lessons which I learned and still learn due to my therapeutical focus treating with Chinese Medicine. The base idea is the same - balance the inner energy. :-)

Yoga basically is for everybody – independent of the age or corporal issues you might have, independent if you do a lot of sports or nearly nothing. Yoga also supports children in their development. From the age of 4 it is easier to do in groups but basically you can always start.

AND Yoga can be done EVERYWHERE - it can be a SPECIAL room together with other people, but also at home, on a meadow, on top of a mountain, at work or where-ever you feel the moment and the NEED to do it - and if it is just 10 minutes per day!


What kind of Yoga do I offer?

Hatha Yoga (based on Sivananda -> www.yoga-vidya.de)

Business Yoga (adapted to the necessities of the workers)

Hormonal Yoga (based on Dinah Rodrigues, adapted to the Yoga Vidya series of postures)

- Stress reduction TRAIning With Yoga elements (More than only Yoga - this education will help you to climb your own stress mountain and find alternatives to act based on practices to get to know yourself and your attitudes better - developed and explored by the Center for Healthy Education in Leipzig (Zentrum für Bildungsgesundheit)- you find a little introduction into the course here (in German)-> Backgrounds to the course)


You are interested in Private Lessons at home? Maybe with a small group of friends?

Or you are a company that wants to offer Yoga for his workers? And so help to support the HEALTH of your workers and thus also securing the success of your company?

Interested? Then please contact me.


My current courses:


        TUESDAY AND FRIDAY  - 09:45 - 11:00

        TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY - 20:00 - 21:15